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ipo conference

The IPO Institute and DHNP Consulting are hosting the world's only IPO Conference, dedicated to the Initial Public Offering process and its related industries. The event offers networking opportunities and informative sessions on the latest trends and developments in the IPO market.


CAXXOR GROUP has been dedicated to developing methodologies to promote the internal programs of private investors and to help infrastructure projects to be compatible with the vision and requirements of investors. CAXXOR develops and matches the model that guarantees success for those involved throughout the process and during the time to a revitalization of the asset class and possibly a new era of investment in infrastructure and capital projects.

Swiss Financiers Inc

Swiss Financiers Inc. is particularly designed to support entrepreneur-driven companies. Our unique market position as a dealmaker is at the crossroads of advisory, debt and investment banking, without competing with them. Swiss Financiers Inc. orchestrates Companies' requirements for capital through Initial Public Offering (IPO), by financing and managing the listing process on security stock markets. The cost of going public is financed either through debt and/or equity.

Marc Deschenaux

Marc Deschenaux is a world renown expert in High Finance from corporate finance to Initial Public Offerings (IPO’s) going through private offerings. He raised private and public, equity and debt, for companies internationally. He also financed various types of operations, from import/export transactions to Real Estate Investment Trusts and organized governments loans. He provides preemptive legal support in French, Italian, English or German. He focuses on securities law, trading law and intellectual property. He adds high premium on contract drafting and complex financing negotiation.

ipo institute

The IPO (Initial Public Offering) is a highly complex financial transaction that requires knowledge in multiple fields, including finance, law, marketing, economics, public relations, accounting, and more. This complexity arises from the diverse nature of the knowledge required, potential conflicts between different fields, and the need to prioritize certain areas of knowledge. Successful IPOs require a deep understanding of these fields and their interrelationships.

National Standard Finance (National Standard)

National Standard Finance (National Standard) and its managed investment entities worldwide make up the world’s first globally integrated exclusively dedicated infrastructure and sovereign debt investor with geopolitical economic policy experience and capabilities. National Standard and its managed entities are an American based privately owned financial and services company that receives its capital support from a mixture of large North American and European based financial institutions, institutional investors and some of the world’s leading global investment banks which provide us with the financial backing and experience to tackle the most complex and challenging financial transactions. National Standard maintains 14 international regional offices and professionals in the global markets we serve and is governed by a Global Management Committee and Board of Directors.


Phitons Bioengineering is a Bangalore-based organization focused on developing biodegradable materials for biophilic design. They have created a novel material made of sugar polymers and biodegradable polyester that is highly versatile and can be converted into various forms with excellent mechanical strength.


DHNP Consulting is a United States of America based organization that is the result of scientists, technologists, engineers and socially conscious entrepreneurs coming together to make a compelling contribution to biophilic design and development


A Business Consortia Company running a conglomeration of activities in health and well-being, agrotechnology and waste-water management, sustainability, personalized nutrition and individual performance intervention for athletes and professionals among others.


A Material sciences, Manufacturing solutions and Continuous process engineering Company specializing in intelligent compounding and creation of materials in the areas of polymers, elastomers, paints, food, nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals. STEER is an ISO 9001 and 14001 certified company with a 25-year history of 25 innovations and offices India, Japan, United States, China, and Europe.


BBRUC provides business consulting services such as needs analysis, corporate strategy, and structured growth, as well as contingency management and company turnarounds. With strategic alliances in over 48 countries, BBRUC offers global access for facilitating mutually beneficial outcomes like intellectual property sourcing, marketing consultancy, and more. BBRUC is a valuable partner for businesses looking to increase capability and capacity.


A Food Sciences Development Company working on optimization of health, nutrition, and environment. Dhriti is incubated at the prestigious CSIR-CFTRI and has won awards and accolades from The National Jute Board and Elevate 2018, an initiative of the Department of Information Technology and Biotechnology, Government of Karnataka and has received grants from DST, Government of India.


We are one of the leading groups offering global solutions in excellent training, consulting and R+D+i in the fields of security and comprehensive self-protection, oriental studies and high performance. We design fully customized training systems and work protocols for the different groups with which we collaborate, adapting our comprehensive solutions to their particular needs. Our secret lies in the human factor. We have a multidisciplinary team of international experts who have extensive experience in different areas of work.

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